mobile vehicle air conditioning servicing, diagnostics and repairs

System flushing


Vehicools can flush the Air Conditioning system through if it becomes badly contaminated.


This is usually required as a result of a damaged Air Conditioning Compressor, due to a lack of lubricating oil. The compressor contains pistons, bores, a driveshaft and valves etc, a bit like a miniature car engine. If the compressor suffers wear or a complete internal failure, it is likely to pump metal particles (swarf) around the entire system, and will eventually block the refrigerant flow.


The flushing procedure involves disconnecting all the system joints and using compressed air to pump a special flushing fluid through each pipe and component of the system. When this has been completed, the system can then be repaired and tested.


If the system does have swarf in it, and it is not flushed through, it is likely that the system will fail again as the swarf is likely to be sucked back in to the new compressor.


The flushing proceedure is likely to take about 2 hours.


Note: If the system does require flushing, I will also recommend a new Receiver/Dryer, Parallel flow Condenser and Thermal Expansion Valve is fitted, because these components cannot be cleaned effectively by flushing.