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R12 to R134a conversion

Some older vehicles (pre 1992) or imported vehicles may have an R12 refrigerant Air Conditioning system.


Unfortunately, R12 refrigerant is no longer available due to it being phased out.


Vehicools can convert vehicles with R12 refrigerant to R134a specification, quickly and easily.

This is done as follows. Firstly the system is drained of any remaining R12 refrigerant. Then the vehicles old R12 service port adaptors are replaced with the correct new R134a adaptors. After a thorough evacuation, the system is filled with the correctly adjusted amount of R134a refrigerant and a special seal conditioner / lubricant. The Air Conditioning system is then switched on to circulate the refirigerant and seal conditoner / lubricant mix. We then ensure that the high and low side system pressures and temperatures are correct, and that the vent temperatures are as expected. If the pressures and temperatures are not as expected we will adjust the refrigerant fill level as required. Once we are happy that the system is operating correctly we can fit the conversion stickers in the suggested locations.


The system can now be serviced by any R134a equiped workshop.


Note: In many cases, the R12 systems do not work before the conversion, and  haven't worked for many years. If the R12 system was not working before the conversion, Vehicools cannot guarantee that the Air Conditioning system will work afterwards. Further investigation will be required if underlying system issues are found.