mobile vehicle air conditioning servicing, diagnostics and repairs

2021 Prices

Mobile vehicle Air Conditioning service. £55 + VAT

(Any vehicle up to 750g of gas) 


Mobile vehicle Air Conditioning service. £65 + VAT

(Any vehicle above 750g of gas)


Mobile visit for Leak testing. £55 + VAT

(Including the 1st Hour)


Mobile visit for Diagnostics or Repairs. £55 + VAT

(Including the 1st Hour)


Standard hourly rate for Diagnostics or Repairs) £40 + VAT

(After the 1st Hour)


Standard anti-bacterial treatment. £9.95 + VAT


Luxury anti-bacterial treatment. £19.95 + VAT


System leak sealer treatment. £49.95 + VAT


Full system flushing proceedure. £119.95 + VAT




VAT Registration number: 255 0925 06

We accept payments by Cash, Cheque, Debit and Credit cards or BACS transfer.

Note: Please be aware that due to the huge increase in the price of R134a refrigerant, i have had to increase my charges in 2018 onwards to cover these extra costs.

(In 2017 the cost of R134a refrigerant increased by over 500%!)


Note: Any mobile visit for Leak testing or diagnostics / repairs will be charged at a minimum of £55 + VAT This includes one hour, and then the standard hourly rate of

£39.95 + VAT  or part of thereafter. (Most leaks will be found within one hour)


Note: Discounts are available for multiple vehicles at the same location and time. Contact me for a quote.