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Winter Driving

A vehicle's Air Conditioning system is just as important during the winter months as it is in the summer.


Your vehicle's Air Conditioning system has 2 main operational purposes. Besides cooling the interior cabin, the Air Conditioning system also helps to keep the inside of the vehicle dry.


As the Air Conditioning system also acts as a dehumidifier, with less moisture inside the vehicle, it will vastly reduce the amount of windscreen misting and ice forming on the inside of the glass on cold mornings etc.


The Air Conditioning should always be switched on to aid windscreen demisting.

(This is why on most modern vehicles, the Air Conditioning is automatically switched on when the windscreen position is selected on the heater controls.)


Also, Regular use of the Air Conditioning all year round rather than just during the summer months will help keep the system seals lubricated and in good condition, which will minimise the amount of refrigerant leakage.


If your vehicle is suffering from excessive window misting etc, try running the vehicle's Air Conditioning system whenever the vehicle is being driven. Over time this will dry the inside of the vehicle which should then reduce the amount of window misting.


If your Vehicle's Air Conditioning system is not working, feel free to contact Vehicools for an appointment to repair the system.