mobile vehicle air conditioning servicing, diagnostics and repairs

Air Conditioning service


Each and every vehicle Air Conditioning service will include the following steps.


1) A full and thorough refrigerant recovery proceedure to remove all traces of the old refrigerant from the system.


2) A thorough system evacuation, to ensure that all traces of moisture, acids and debris etc are removed from the system.


3) A vacuum leak check to ensure that the system is leak free. (If the system fails this leak check I will be unable to complete the service untill the leaks are cured, due to the governments f-gas regulations)


4) I will then Inject ultraviolet leak detection dye to aid leak testing, if the system develops a leak at some point in the future. 


5) Inject the correct type and amount of new system lubricating oil.


6) Refill the system with the correct amount of fresh refrigerant. This is measured by weight and will be different for each make and model.


7) Inspect the interior cabin / pollen filter to ensure it is serviceable.

(Subject to the filter's location and accessibility.)


8) Run the Air Conditioning system and measure the temperature at the heater vents to ensure that the system is working correctly.


The service proceedure will take at least an hour to complete it correctly.

Note: There are 2 prices for this service based on the vehicle's refrigerant capacity, see prices. (For most modern vehicles, the lower quantity service will be applicable.)