mobile vehicle air conditioning servicing, diagnostics and repairs

Diagnostics and repairs


Vehicools are able to offer a full diagnostics and repair service.


From a simple refrigerant leak, to a climate control system electrical fault, Vehicools will investigate the problem, diagnose the fault, quote the customer for the repairs and if the price is agreeable, repair the vehicle.


Using various diagnostic methods and equipment, Vehicools will investigate the fault and pinpoint the problem. The first step of the diagnostic process is to identify if the problem is related to the refrigerant side of the system or the electrical control side. When this has been established, it is a matter of working through the system, in a methodical fashion, to diagnose the fault.


Vehicools always carry a stock of common vehicle Air Conditioning seals, orifice tubes, service port schrader valves, service port caps and pipe spring-lock clips etc. If your vehicle needs a new part that I do not keep on the van, I will try to source the required part on the same day. If the part cannot be sourced on the same day I will source the part as soon as possible, then arrange a new appointment to repair the vehicle.



Note: As vehicles have become ever more complex, with more and more integrated network systems and communication methods, the correct information for each make and model can be very difficult to attain. If I cannot get the necessary information required to diagnose the fault, or cannot diagnose the fault for any other reason, you will not be charged any diagnostic time.