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Anti-Bacterial odour treatments


Vehicools offers 2 levels of Anti-Bacterial odour treatments.


Standard treatment.

This is a very effective treatment that involves using a pressurised can of Evaporator cleaning fluid, much like a can of deodorant, but with a one touch locking catch. Then you need to follow a special proceedure with the vehicle's heater settings and doors, whilst the cleaning fluid is released into the vehicle cabin.


This proceedure takes about 10 minutes.


Luxury treatment.

This is an even better treatment which involves a special mist generating machine. The machine is placed in the passengers front footwell, which is as close to the Air Conditioning Evaporator as possible. The machine resevoir is then filled with a bottle of specially developed cleaning fluid and the vehicle's interior cabin filter is removed. The mist machine is then switched on to generate the cleaning mist. This treatment also includes a free air freshener, which clips into one of the air vents.


This is recommended for older vehicles, or vehicles which are particularly damp inside or have a strong interior odour.


This procedure takes about 15 minutes.