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Fault code check and reset


Vehicools also offers a full vehicle fault code check and resetting service.


Using the latest diagnostic machine from Autel, I can communicate with every module on every vehicle from over 50 different vehicle manufacturers.


If your vehicle has a warning light illuminated on the instrument cluster, or you just want to check all your vehicle's electronic system for possible faults, Vehicools can help. Once communication has been established with the vehicle, any fault codes stored in any of the vehicle's systems will be displayed and printed off. I can then erase the fault codes and provide an updated printout to show if there are any remaining fault codes.


The most common systems to need fault codes erasing are the Airbags, ABS and engine fuel system. If the warning light is illuminated for any of these system, the vehicle may fail its next MOT.


This service is likely to take about half an hour to complete.


Note: If any of the fault codes are current or permanent, they are unlikely to erase and will need further diagnostic testing.